How To Fix Xbox 360 Gamer Image Error

Over the past few days, some users have experienced a known issue with their Xbox 360 player images. This issue can occur for a number of reasons. We will discuss this below.

Xbox 3 Gamerpics

The Xbox 360 currently offers 20 default game images. Thousands of others were also available for group purchases or game purchases. The default player images can be seen below.

xbox 360 gamer pictures

Classic Game Art Far From The Early Days Of The Xbox 360

These game images were all over the place and I painted them. From a pink-haired catgirl, straight to a black skull with a relationship background, to a classic dog.jpg, the following photos of gamers should evoke nostalgia as everyone remembers the newest days of the Xbox 360.


Gamerpics: Overview

With the launch of the Xbox 360, Microsoft announced that it is planning many different ways for providers to set up their profiles on the current Xbox LIVE service. One trait they identified was the “Gampicer” type. Gamerpics are small 64×64.png symbols that appear on the player’s map. These symbols may have a special design. An example of this is the biohazard symbol used to depict the Duke Nukem 3D player, as this symbol is part of the logo used for that game.

xbox 360 gamer pictures

How To Make Your OwnOfficial Player Image For Xbox 360? ?

To edit the current player image, you would normally use “A” on your joystick and select “Customize Profile” from the drop-down list. Then select “Edit Player Image” from outside the list. A Create your own image by selecting Upload.

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